Best Taxidermy Jobs of 2017

BackWoods Taxidermy: Favorite Trophies of 2017

This years competition for the Best Taxidermy Job goes to John and his family. The reward for his submission is a free mount, with a value up to $250. This can be used for any type of mountable trophy, our price list is found here.

Overall, we had an excellent turnout with both new and old hunters taking part. If you have any questions, or would like to see a full list of submitted projects contact us here.

Best Trophy of 2017 Taxidermy Jobs

This years winner goes to the below trophy. This bear was tracked for two days before it was finally shot and killed.  John, the hunter, has been bear hunting in the Midwest for the last three years and was finally able to get himself a trophy.  We worked hard to cover up the gunshot wound which killed the bear. In fact, the wound isn’t visible at all after our excellent mounting job.

The pose was chosen by Johns wife, who wishes to have this on display in their basement next to the entertainment set.

Large Bear trophy

Runner Up Trophy 2017 Taxidermy Jobs

This years runner up goes to Al, down in Ohio. This year he traveled West to the ocean and went on a 3 day fishing cruise with some of his coworkers. Al works as a general contractor during the day, but is very passionate about fishing, hunting, and camping.

This fish is one of the largest we have had the chance to mount, and proved a great challenge. However; we finally delivered this finished mount to Al, who is hanging it up over his fireplace.

Large wahoo Fish Trophy

Third Place Trophy 2017 Taxidermy Jobs

This years third place trophy goes to a young man in Wisconsin who shot his first turkey at the age of 14.  His father, a local window contractor, submitted this image on his sons behalf. The young man has joined his father hunting in a cabin since the age of 12, and has gone hunting for the past two years. However; this is his first wild turkey that he has ever shot and tracked himself.

He is a very hard worker, and has been helping his father in his window installation business over the last summer.  He aspires to a be a window contractor outside of Milwaukee when he grows up, just like his father.

Great work, and great talent.  We wish you the best in next years taxidermy competition.

Large wild turkey trophy