Choosing the Right Taxidermist

A quack taxidermy is more costly than funny. Sure you will laugh at the deer with the bulging eyes, the smiling lips and the plugged up nose. Or the duck that looks electrocuted, the luminous bass, I could go on forever. But when it all boils down to pressing matters, the taxidermy’s work will be an insult to both the animal and the hunting sportsman. Plus I am pretty sure no one hangs their game trophies for comedic purposes. 

Finding a Quality Taxidermist

Nowadays the chances of a good huntsman stumbling upon a poor taxidermist are surprisingly very high. Most sportsmen settle on the cheaper options which, more often than not, tend to result in sheer disappointment. With the overwhelming number of half-bred taxidermist available, finding the right taxidermist for the job might prove a daunting task. The trick is, however, approaching the situation from a reasonable, rather than a financial angle.

Now the easiest way to gauge the professionalism of your taxidermist is by flooding him with a lot of questions. The questions should, of course, be centered on your hunt and the taxidermy services rendered. Good questions to ask are like how long the trophy is expected to last, how long should the process take and the taxidermist’s education and experience. These are of course only a few of the many questions you could ask. You could also take note of the taxidermist’s behaviour, the organisation of his studio and the way he presents himself too. An important factor to also consider is the price the taxidermist offers. Remember, if the deal is too good, think twice.

Proper taxidermists tend to be neat and presentable and so are their studios. They are also articulate and well versed in taxidermy. If you find your answers to your questions are prompt but well thought, then you are likely to have your game in safe hands. On the contrary, if the respondents are jittery, hesitant to answer questions and has no viable evidence of previous work, then steer clear from them. Your hunt is in better hands with third graders in their arts and crafts class. These taxidermists are often matched with dirty, disorganized studios, or no studios at all. Just some basement in their mother’s house.

Taxidermy Pricing

The price might be a little higher, but any sportsman knows you can’t put a price on good taxidermy. Good taxidermists usually have a knack for their job, from the pose they select for the animal to the habitat they choose. They transcend the profession of taxidermy to become artists who, not just mount your game, but create a unique and lifelike masterpiece to add to your collection. The only fear you might have with such professionals is having your hunt come back to life.

Our Taxidermy Prices

At Backwoods Taxidermy, we pride ourselves on providing the best service in taxidermy. Our services are designed to cater to the specific needs of our client for quality output. We at Backwoods Taxidermy take time to explain your various options and answer all your questions to make sure you are confident with the decision you make. Our mounts are made with top quality material to give your hunt a perfect finish. We also provide reasonable rates for such expedient service. Visit our studio anytime to see for yourself what exceptional taxidermy is all about.